Austin Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Internet Services Provider - Pay Per Click Advertising

Floodhammer Media provides Internet search engine advertising services for businesses from local to global. Services include website promotion using sponsored links text ads (found on the top and side of natural search results); and customer lead generation (measured by the incoming telephone call) for appointment based services and products. Services are certified through Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing and MSN Business Center.

Top Ten Reasons To Use Floodhammer Media Pay Per Click Services

  • Customers are increasingly using online search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! to replace phone books when looking for local services and goods. The use of cell phones (no land line or telephone books) and hand held computing devices are some of the reasons for the increase.

  • A very high percentage of new residents, new home owners, visitors, and arriving students use the Internet for local shopping as described above.

  • More and more, customers want information to be fast and relevant. We place text link ads on the first page of search results just one click away from the specific page the customer needs on your website or your telephone number.

  • Do you have a website that already gets good natural search results? Floodhammer Media can fill in gaps in your key word list, particularly those surprisingly common local searches without the name of your city in them.

  • Unlike other forms of advertising, customers show their interest by interacting with the ad (by clicking on it).

  • Ads are highly targeted to customers by key words, customer's computer geographic location, language, exclusion of unrelated similar terms, and more.

  • These key word based ads can be used to put more emphasis on certain parts of your city or state, certain categories of service, products, or most anything you want to feature.

  • The effectiveness of the ads can be measured down to the key word level with a free conversion tracking feature or by the use of tracking telephone numbers.

  • This is flexible advertising with a short lead time. We can modify or pause the ads quickly as your business needs determine. (Great for seasonal service businesses or promotions)

  • The advertising costs ties directly to customer action. You can start with a one or two month campaign (usually costing hundreds, not thousands of dollars) to determine which key words have the highest return on advertising investment. Since these are scalable, you can choose to grow the budget as profitability is demonstrated.